Zamboni Truck? No, but 16 Food Trucks, yup

The Fairfield Food Truck Festival is back! 16 of the area’s best food trucks!
This year they are adding a full stage for live music all friggin day. Dave Zamboni host/MC the shindig. Zambonis are on at 1:30. Get Lit up next and then School of Rock House Band close it out (The kids in that band are amazing and inspiring.
All proceeds go to The Fairfield Public Library. JENNINGS BEACH in Fairfield, CT  11AM to 6PM ps

KEEP ON FOOD TRUCKIN! (they made us say that)


Every few years we Zambonis are sent stories about a Zamboni driver at a local rink (usually in the midwest for some reason) who after a long hard day, has a few pops and next thing you know, they are driving down Main St. Hopefully they don’t resurface said street. Well, this songs for you proud few. You got a SLOW WHIP.



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GUSTER brings in Dave Zamboni to host/MC their Portland, ME takeover!

For the past 5 or so years Guster has taken over Portland Maine for a full weekend of unique events and amazing concerts. This year they have asked our own Dave Zamboni to Host “On The Ocean”.  Dave will MC for a Q and A with the band. A Karaoke session with a surprise backing band and an extremely disgusting but delicious “taste of Maine” eating contest. Guster will also be performing two concerts over the weekend.


Like a good time? Not afraid of hockey music? Love great food and drink in an outdoor alley? Get strange with we Zambonis! Free but make a reservation! WALRUS ALLEY 203-333-2733  Call em now for a fine night in the future (well, July 29th) #westportct #ribs #beer #zambonis #hockeyrocks

“Avalanche! 2022 New Song for The Avs!

In 1996 we were so excited for The Avs skating and fighting for the Cup
we wrote the song “Avalanche”. Now it’s 2022 and we are just as pumped.

Please say hi and share the hockey heck out of “Avalanche! 2022”

The song is streaming everywhere and if you want to support the band

Grab it here on our bandcamp page

Hartford Whaler Book Release with Author and Zambonis!

To celebrate Author Pat Pickens book about The Hartford Whalers titled “Hartford Whalers” a great event was held at the Sacred Heart Community Theater in Fairfield, CT. The night featured Pat reading excepts from the book while Zambonis played live and also had some great back and forth with Pat and the fans.  The book is great and also features our very own Captain Dave Schneider.


Zambonis LIVE in NYC! Friday June 10th

Like the NY Rangers, The Zambonis will be rocking out LIVE in NYC Friday June 10th! The Parkside Lounge is the spot to be. We are on at 9:45 sharp. GREAT BANDS joining us like The Problem with Kids Today and Les Sans Culottes. If you can’t go, tell a friend. If they can’t go please have them call us and explain why not.      HAVE AN ICE DAY, THE ZAMBONIS