Dr Demento show? Yup!

Since 1992, one of our main goals was to get played on the legendary Dr Demento show. Well, not only did we get our brand new song “Hockey Monkey Mash” with our monkey loving partner James Kochalka Superstar on the Halloween Show, we even got a fantastic intro from the Dr himself.



So excited legendary radio DJ Dr Demento talked up and played our new haunted halloween classic “Hockey Monkey Mash”.

“The hockey rock band The Zambonis and cartoonist songwriter James Kochalka Superstar have produced a mash made in hockey song heaven The “Hockey Monkey Mash.”

Dr. Demento   Oct 2020

Check in to the Doctor here


Hockey Monkey Mash! New song, new video….

Hockey Monkey is back to celebrate hockey halloween. Also back are the same team that brought you the the original song in 1997. James Kochalka Superstar, OG Zamboni and Grammy winning record producer Peter Katis (Interpol, The National, Kurt Vile) and the greatest (and only) all hockey band The Zambonis. We all present to the scary world “Hockey Monkey Mash”. New song! New video! Coming damn soon.

Hockey Halloween

Zambonis CDs Now Available at

Very happy to announce that you can now get our CDs from the one and only Zamboni Company website. Thanks so much to the Zamboni Family/company for their support over the years.