Zambonis as you know, are a hockey band. Vista Blue are a baseball band whom also run a label out of Nashville. In 2018 they asked us if we would partake in a split vinyl single with songs only about CURLING. We said yes and to celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics with a 7-inch record featuring songs about… CURLING!
Originally pressed on vinyl for the 2018 Winter Olympics (inspiring a gold medal for Team USA), this is now available on a limited amount of CD’s for the 2022 games! This CD includes a bonus track recorded by Vista Blue for this release.
The Zambonis
1. Sweep Me Over the Hogline
2. Curling Girl
Vista Blue
3. Curling All Around the USA
4. Girl Who Can Curl
5. Curling All Around the USA (acoustic)*

Curling songs rock too!